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  1. Login to your admin account on Jenok
  2. Go to Dashboard > Products > Add New
  3. Give your bundle name on Product Name (ie. Starter Pack-1)
  4. Now scroll down and select “Product Bundle” from Product Data


5. Now go to the Bundled Products tab from here and search your existing single/normal products from here(normally when you write first 4-5 letter it will comes up on the search)

6. From General Tab you can manage price of this full bundle just like you define a price of product. Even you give regular price and sale price on their so that it will show like (Normal price $160 and sale price $80 dollar like this).

After all of this, Don’t forget to choose category from the right side, and choose the user role accounts you want to show this bundle product just like you do all the product.

You are done! It will comes up your product category page.

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