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  1. Make sure the Sandbox mode is on from Dashboard > Woocommerce > Payments > Paypal > Manage when you test this.


2. Now buy product and checkout and select payment method “Paypal”. It will ask you to login with paypal. Hold on! Don’t give the main paypal account. You will use sandbox account. This sandbox accounts will found here on your account: https://developer.paypal.com/developer/accounts/ You can create thousands of sandbox account from here both buyer and seller.

3. Now use your buyer account to make payment for the product and use your Seller account to view you received the product payment successfully.

4. And this is your Paypal Sandbox Accounts dashboard: https://sandbox.paypal.com . You can view dashboard of your sandbox accounts status(Example: Suppose you created a seller account with this email: wow@wow.com . So from  https://sandbox.paypal.com your login credential will be: wow@wow.com. Then you can see you received the payment form rony(another sandbox user who is register as a buyer).

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